The last postcard written by Johanna to her mother, Lina, on Sept. 1, 1942, during her transport to Drancy, a stopover outside of Paris for Jewish prisoners bound for Auschwitz. 



Johanna’s father, Gustav Hammel, who died of dysentery one month after being forcibly deported by Nazi soldiers from Germany to a prison camp in France.



The sisters Erna (left) and Johanna as they appeared around 1902 in Konstanz, Germany. Erna survived the war in Switzerland.



Johanna with her niece, Renate Veit (later Renée Weiss), and her mother Lina in Konstanz, 1932. 



The postcard Johanna wrote to her mother on Aug. 31, 1942, in which she optimistically said, “Even the bad times will come to an end.”



The last postcard Erna wrote to Johanna, dated Sept. 1, 1942. It was returned to sender.



Official confirmation in 1950 from the municipality of Oloron that Johanna had been interned during the war at the Gurs camp in southwest France. 


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